Cable Faults Location equipment for pipelines heating cables

Комплекты для дистанционного ОМП в греющих кабелях трубопроводов

Power Cable Fault Prelocation Kit <br> TDR RI-407 "SWIFT+" & ADG-200-2 "STINGRAY"

Power Cable Fault Prelocation Kit
TDR RI-407 "SWIFT+" & ADG-200-2 "STINGRAY"

Kit purpose: The implementation of modern High-Voltage methods of fault Pre-Location in a light-weight, compact, self-powered kit. Preliminary localization of both low-resistance (<1 kOhm) and high-resistance (> 1 kOhm) cable faults...

Комплекты для топографического ОМП в системах теплого пола

<b>BURNMAKER-2 system</b><br> for heating cable fault location

BURNMAKER-2 system
for heating cable fault location

If you are engaged in the installation and repair of underfloor heating and anti-icing systems - this device will solve the lion's share of your tasks. First of all, it will save time searching and determine the place of damage on the ground with...

Дистанционное ОМП: рефлектометры для греющих кабелей трубопроводов

Cable Fault Locator <br><b>TDR RI-407 "SWIFT+"</b> for Power Lines applications

Cable Fault Locator
TDR RI-407 "SWIFT+" for Power Lines applications

TDR RI-407 - a high-precision digital reflectometer specifically designed to determine distances to all types of irregularities and faults in power cable lines: open circuit, short circuit, coupling, cable splice, parallel branch, wet cable. The...

Дистанционное ОМП: генераторы высоковольтных импульсов (ИДМ+МКР)

Arc Discharge Generator <br><b>ADG-200-2 "STINGRAY"</b>

Arc Discharge Generator

Arc Discharge Generator ADG-200-2 is designed to work on finding cable faults in a complex with TDR RI-407 / TDR-107 / TDR-109 and with other manufacturers TDRs(supporting ARM and the ICM/Decay measurement methods) substantially enhances their...


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