Cable Fault Locator
TDR RI-303BM “SWIFT” Handheld with Bluetooth module


The optimal solution for quick troubleshooting in cable networks is an extremely easy-to-use and inexpensive TDR with built-in cable voltage protection, non-volatile memory and a Bluetooth module.

Purpose and scope


Portable reflectometer-tester RI-303BM is designed for the following types of measurements on balanced and unbalanced cables:

  • measurement of cable lengths;
  • measurement of distances to impedance irregularities or faults;
  • breaks of one or more cores;
  • short circuits and low resistance defects (less than 1 kΩ);
  • defective solders and couplings;
  • faulty amplifiers;
  • presence and place of branches installation;
  • areas with high humidity;
  • measuring the Propagation Factor of the line at a known length;
  • determination of the nature of fault;

Application area

The RI-303BM compact reflectometer is used for control during the laying and operation of the following types of cable lines:

  • power cables;
  • copper-core communication cables;
  • signaling and control cables;
  • overhead cable lines;
  • computer networks;
  • television and radio frequency cable lines.
  • to determine the length of the cable during its production, storage and trade.

Power cables of all types:

  • Power cables with impregnated paper insulation in lead sheath
  • or aluminum sheath
  • Power cables with rubber insulation
  • Power cables with PVC insulation
  • Power cables with polyethylene insulation

in all electrical networks where the power cable is used:

  • General-purpose electrical networks;
  • Autonomous power supply networks;
  • Repair and maintenance of water transport;
  • Technological networks;
  • Metallurgical industry;
  • Mining industry;
  • Railways;
  • etc.

Heating cables of the main types:

  • resistive type
  • self-regulating type
  • and etc.

in many industries:

  • Department of Housing and Utilities
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Pipeline transport (oil pipelines, water supply / sewerage)

Small dimensions and weight make TDR RI-303BM especially convenient for work in confined conditions of cable wells. And its high accuracy characteristics allow it to be effectively used both in near and far zones.

Features of the handheld digital TDR

  • LCD display with a 320×240 pixels resolution and backlight;
  • real-time measurement;
  • maximum range – up to 4.8 km;
  • high resolution: 12.5 cm over the entire measurement range;
  • suppression of asynchronous interference;
  • digital setting of parameters of monitored lines and all settings of the device;
  • the possibility of a detailed view of any part of the trace;
  • digital indication of the distance to any part of the reflectogram;
  • digital indication of the distance between any parts of the trace;
  • built-in automatic voltage protection of the device input;
  • nonvolatile memory for 100 reflectograms;
  • built-in library of Propagation Factors (PF) of cables of various types;
  • built-in Bluetooth module for data exchange with a computer;
  • Li-Ion battery 6000 mAh.


DisplayMonochrome display 3.8 ″ (320×240 pixels)
Distance measurement range (time delay)0 to 4800 m (0 to 4.8 μs)
Instrumental error of distance measurement0.01% to 0.2% depending on the measurement subrange from 12.5 cm to 8 m at PF = 1.50
Matched impedance rangefrom 25 ohms to 600 ohms
Pulse Widthfrom 10 ns to 10 μs
The amplitude of the probing pulseis not less than 9 V for the matched load (not less than 18 V on open circuit)
Sensitivityis not less than 1 mV
Overlapped attenuation rangenot less than 80 dB
Propagation Factor (PF) rangefrom 1.00 to 3.00, with a step of 0.01
Non-volatile memoryfor 100 reflectograms
Data exchange with a computerчvia built-in Bluetooth module
Power supplyBuilt-in Li-Ion battery 6000 mAh
Time of continuous work from the batterynot less than 10 hours
Overall dimensions230x130x50 mm
Operating temperature rangefrom -20°С to +40°С
Weight of the device with a rechargeable batteryno more than 0.65 kg

Свидетельства и сертификаты

портативный цифровой рефлектометр -диплом
Delivery contents

Delivery contents

TDR RI-303BM1 pc.
Charger (AC-DC 12V adapter)1 pc.
Connecting cable 1.0 m, 75 Ohm, BNC.M-crocodiles1 шт.
User Manual RI-303BM1 pc.
Carrying strap1 шт.
CD with software1 шт.

Additional equipment

Accessory bag
Voltage protection unit UP-1 for operation on cables under voltage up to 380 V;
Extension cable 2 m / 3 m / 5 m
Extension cable 5 m, 75 ohm, BNC.M-BNC.F
Connecting cable 1.5 m / 2 m 75 Ohm, BNC.M-Crocodiles 25.4 mm
Connecting cable 0.1 m, 75 Ohm, BNC.M-crocodiles 5 mm
Adapter BNC.M – terminals
High-power charger (mains adapter) for fast charging

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