History of the company

The company “ERSTED” was founded in 1992 in Russia, St. Petersburg, and specializes in the development and manufacture of devices and systems for fault location in wired networks of energy and communication. The main products of the company – time domain reflectometers and continuous monitoring system based on them.

Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) is a cable device that uses the principle of a radar. The short probing pulse is supplied to the cable line. The signal propagates along the cable and reflected partially or completely at the cable impedance heterogeneity and finally returns back to the input of the device. After processing a received signal device displays the result in the metric system of measures on the screen. Among all other types of the cable devices only reflectometers provide most rapid processing, clear and well-behaved detection of place and nature of the cable damage. Reflectometers produced by ERSTED are able to detect cable damages in the range of dozens centimeters to dozens kilometers with an impressive accuracy to several centimeters.

Pulse digital reflectometers produced by ERSTED completed with water- and dust-proofed cases. All the components are constructed for a long-run failure free performance in extreme conditions. One-year warranty, guarantee and post-guarrantee maintenance are provided.

Contacts and company details

Legal adress:

Russian Federation, 196244, St.Petersburg, Vitebsky pr. 23/1 

Postal address:

Russia, 196244, St.Petersburg, Post Box 28



+7 (812) 334-37-36
+7 (981) 968-08-18
Bank details:

Noth-West Bank PAO «Sberbank»
P/a 40702810455220115490
C/a 30101810500000000653
BIK 044030653
INN 7810609756
KPP 781001001
Code OKONH 95300
Code OKPO 23133821
OGRN 1027804871544
OKVED 33.20.6