BURNMAKER-2 system
for heating cable fault location

If you are engaged in the installation and repair of underfloor heating and anti-icing systems – this device will solve the lion’s share of your tasks. First of all, it will save time searching and determine the place of damage on the ground with an accuracy of several centimeters!



The BURNMAKER-2 system is a universal kit for locating a damaged electric heating cable in underfloor heating systems. The kit consists of a “combined” unit and a flaw detector receiver. The “combined” block includes:

  1. insulation resistance meter;
  2. shaper of the conducting channel (“burning”);
  3. generator for cable tracing;

The kit allows you to find all types of faults: cable breakage, short circuit of cable cores and lowering of the insulation resistance of the cable core relative to the screen. Works with heating cables of any diameter.



  • Determination of the nature of the malfunction (cable break, short circuit and insulation lowering) by simultaneous measurement of three resistances: CORE1 ‑ CORE2, CORE1 ‑ SHIELD, CORE2-SHIELD.
  • Formation of a stable conductive channel at the point of failure using high voltage (up to 5600 V).
  • Three algorithms for the formation of a conductive high voltage channel for various types of heating cable.
  • Formation of a signal with a frequency of 2 kHz for tracing a cable by a receiver with a flaw detector.
  • Four levels of generator output in cable tracing mode.
  • The function of canceling external noise in the cable tracing mode.
  • Rotation of the receiver head in 3 planes.


Insulation breakdown voltage1200 V – 5600 V (depending on load and mode)
Range of measured resistances1.0 Ohm – 2.0 MΩ
Test Signal Generator Frequency2000 Hz
Generator outputup to 20 watts (depending on load)
Supply voltage block “combined”~ 220 V 50 Hz
Maximum consumption of unit “Combined”no more than 1000 Watt
Power supply for the detector receiver4 X LR6
Maximum consumption of the receiver flaw detectorno more than 20 mA
Overall dimensions:
-Block “combined” -Receiver defect detector
Weight of the device:
-Block “combined”
-Receiver defect detector
no more than 22 kg
no more than 1.5 kg
Delivery contents

Delivery contents

“Combined” block1 pc.
Receiver defect detector1 pc.
Headphones1 pc.
High-voltage adapter cable2 pcs.
Low-voltage transition cable (three-core)1 pc.
Low-voltage adapter cable (two-core)1 pc.
Network cable1 pcs.
Operating instructions1 pc.



Application in conjunction with a thermal imager


Finding a break in the heating cable: burn instructions

Finding a break in the heating cable: burn instructions