Voltage TDR Protection Unit UP-1

Voltage TDR Protection Unit UP-1 is a device used for galvanic isolation (protection) between the TDR measuring connector and a live cable line. Provides the ability to do TDR measure a live cable line up to 380 V (effective) .

Voltage TDR Protection Unit UP-1 unit is compatible with all ERSTED AO TDR instruments: TDR RI-407, TDR-109, TDR-107, TDR RI-307M3, TDR RI-303BM, TDR RI-10M1, TDR RI-10M2 .

Voltage TDR protection unit UP-1


Maximum allowable input voltage 380 V
Line voltage indication from 50 V
Operating temperature range – 20 … + 40 ° С
Overall dimensions 120x65x40 mm
Weight no more than 0.2 kg
Protection against dust and water corresponds to the degree of protection IP54 according to GOST 14254-96
vibration and shock resistance in accordance with GOST 12997-84
Delivery contents

Scope of delivery

Voltage Protection Unit UP-1 1 pc.
Operating manual 1 pc.

Additional equipment

2 m extension cable & nbsp;  
Connecting cable 1.5 m at the ends insulated crocodile clip with a grip width of 25.4 mm  
Connecting cable 0.1 m  
BNC Adapter – Terminals