Cable Fault Locator

TDR RI-10M1 – TDR cable fault locator, designed to determine the nature and location of the irregularities and damages of the cable line ((opens, shorts, wet/corroded splices, water in the cable, load coils, bridged taps, unknown splices, splits and re-splits, capture intermittent fault etc.)

cable fault locator TDR RI-10M1

TDR RI-10M1 – a compact device designed for measurements on balanced and unbalanced cables.


TDR RI-10M1 cable fault locator general purpose:

  • cable length measurement;
  • measuring distances to cable faults and impedance irregularities;
  • cable velocity factor measurement at known cable length;
  • determines the nature of faults

Sphere of application

TDR-10M2 is used to control the laying and operation of the following types of cables:

  • Telecom Cables;
  • Signal and Control Cables ;
  • Power cables;
  • Aerial cable lines;
  • Computer Networks;
  • TV and radio cable lines;
  • to determine the length of the cable in its production, storage and trade.

TDR RI-10M1 cable fault locator Technical specifications

Measurement specifications

The range of distance measurement  (time delay)from  0  to 50000 m  (from 0 to 500 μs)
Subranges (time delay)0 – 125m (0 – 1.25 μs); 0 – 250 m (0 – 2.5 μs); 0 – 500 m  (0 -5 μs); 0 – 1000 m  (0 – 10 μs);
0 – 2500 m  (0 – 25 μs);      0 – 5000 m  (0 – 50 μs); 0 – 12500 m  (0 – 125 μs); 0 – 25000 m  (0 – 250 μs);
0 – 50000 m  (0 – 500 μs)
Instrumental error of the distance measurementfrom 0.04% to 0.4% depending on subrange (up to 0.5m @ v/2=100 m/μs depending on subrange)
Effective sampling rate200 MHz
Range of impedance matchingfrom 25 Ω to 600 Ω
Pulse widthfrom 10 ns to 50 μs
Pulse amplitude10 V on the matched load
Sensitivity1 mV (80 dB)
V/2 range50.0 m/ μs …149.9 m/ μs (step 0.1m/ μs)
PF range1.00…1.50 (step 0.01)
Modes– TDR
– Cross-Talk detection

General characteristics

Displaymonochrome 3.8 “(320×240 pixels)
Memory100 waveforms
Computer interfaceRS-232
PowerLi-Ion battery 7.4 V 1.9 A*h
Continuous operating time on battery powerat least 8 hours
Time of continuous operation through the AC adapterUnlimited
Overall dimensions110х230х190 mm
Operating temperature rangefrom -20 °С to +40 °С
Weight of device with batterynot more than 2.0 kg

TDR RI-10M1 Cable Fault Locator Delivery Contents

Item nameQuantity
Cable Fault Locator TDR RI-10M11 item
AC Adapter 12 V1 item
Connecting cable 75 Ohm, 1.0 m,  BNC.M – «Alligator clip» 2 items
User Manual 1 item
CD-ROM with software1 item
Accessories bag1 item
Voltage protection unit UP-1 up to 380V (optional)1 item
RS232-USB adapter (optional)1 item

The device is certified by the State Standard of Russia and entered in the State Register. CERTIFICATE of type approval of measuring instruments RU.C.27.022.A number 40346

The device is registered in the Register of Measuring Instruments, Test Equipment and Measurement Techniques used at Russian Railways under No. MT 029.2015

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