Cable Locator and fault Pinpointer

Cable Locator and fault Pinpointer AR-027EM OWL

Cable Locator and fault Pinpointer AR-027EM OWL general purpose:

  • Pinpoint of cable faults by acoustic and electromagnetic methods
  • Detection of cables (50/60 Hz mode) up to 6 m depth
  • Survey the ground before the ground works (“Broadband” mode with frequency range between 0,05 and 2,0 kHz)
  • Indirect measurement of the depth
  • Detection the pipeline and utility lines intersection point (pipelines, power cables)

Cable locator Acoustic mode – fault Pinpoint (receiver АR-027 + acoustic sensor АS-227):

  • Vsualization of acoustic sensor spectrum with the possibility of frequency choosing with minimum background noises;
  • Storage of 30 signal level with a graph displayed;
  • Graphic visualization (moving chart) of sequence measurements with the step of 1-2 seconds for determining max and min signal level and the place of it;
  • Protection from random acoustic noise;
  • Intuitive control system;
  • Choice of bandwidth within the frequency range – in 8 levels of the limit “above” and “below”;
  • Two-segment indication of frequency spectrum adopted (and “filtered”) signal;

Cable locator Electromagnetic mode (receiver АR-027 + electromagnetic sensor EMS-247):

  • Detection distance up to 50 m;
  • Filters 50(60), 100 (120), 512,1024,8192, 32768 Hz or “wide strip”;
  • Operation with headphones;
  • Operation without headphones (signal is transmitted to the built-in radiator);

Cable locator Step-Voltage mode for sheath fault pinpoint (receiver АR-027 + step-voltage sensor SVS-117):

Searching of cable faults at shorting of its armoring to the ground. Searching of outer insulation defects of metal pipelines (water, gas) at trenchless laying.

The receiver can be operated not less than 20 hours without recharging and replacing batteries (4x AA)!

The high sensitivity. The gain channel up to 100 dB!

Technical specifications

Cable Locator and fault Pinpointer AR-027EM OWL Technical specifications

Type of accepted signalContinuous /pulseContinuous signal
Frequencies of the receiver’s filterCentral frequency of quaisi resonant filter 50..60 Hz/ 100….120 Hz / 512 Hz / 1024 Hz / 8928 Hz/ 32768 HzRange limitation “below” 0,1/0,15/0,21/0,31/0,45/0,65/0,95/1,38 kHz Range limitation “above” 2,00/1,38/0,95/0,65/0,45/0,31/0,21/0,15kHz
«Wide strip», (operating mode)0,05 …2,00 kHz0,1….2,00 kHz
Gain factor100 dB100 dB
Visual indicationLiquid-crystal display
– symbols and meaning of the chosen modes and parameters.
-animated (moving) scale of the output signal level
– digital value and animated (moving) scale of the output signal level
-graphic (moving diagram) of the output signal level
– frequency content of the output signal level
-digital and graphic display of output signal levels kept in the “memory’.
Sound indication
-synthesized sound. Frequency modulation

Built-in emitter – synthesized sound. Frequency modulation
Power SupplyVoltage 4…7 V. – accumulators АА type 1,2V (4 pcs.). – alkaline batteries АА type 1,5 V (4 pcs.).
Time of continuous operation not less than20 h
Ambient temperature, CMinus 20 C ..+ 50 C
Weight of the electronic unit, kg0,46
Ingress protection ratingIP54
Dimensions of the electronic unit, mm220´ 102´ 42
Delivery contents

Cable Locator and fault Pinpointer AR-027EM OWL Delivery contents

  • Receiver АR-027;
  • Electromagnetic Sensor EMS-247;
  • Acoustic Sensor АS-227;
  • Step-Voltage Sensor SVS-117 (optional)
  • Headphones;
  • Charger;
  • Accumulators – 4 psc.