Cable Fault Locator TDR RI-307M3


Cable Fault Locator TDR RI-307M3 - an effective, high-precision  Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) with a rich arsenal of advanced features.

TDR RI-307M3 is a 2-channel cable locator, designed to determine the nature and location of a fault in any type of metallic cable lines. You can even use a TDR-307M3 to troubleshoot and measure all types of twisted pair, coaxial and power cables, both aerial and underground.

TDR RI-307M3 allows you to define: opens, shorts, splices, splits and re-splits, bridged taps, water damage, crimps, cuts, smashed cables, shorted conductors, system components, and a variety of other fault conditions. In addition, TDR-307M3 can be used to test reels of cable for length, shipping damage, cable shortages, cable usage, inventory management and documenting cable systems.

Distance  – up to 128km;  Accuracy 3 cm, Pulse width from 10 ns to 50 μs


Ergonomics, visibility, comfort and performance


  • Large bright color TFT 5.7 inches display with a resolution of 640×480 pixels and a wide viewing angle for ease of use and visual presentation of the results of measurements;
  • Direct control of measurement parameters to quickly and visually manage your measurements without wasting time to switch between menus;
  • High speed sensing allows the operator to see the most “live” image on the screen;
  • Dual-cursor measuring system can measure the distance between any two points of the trace – to exclude  connecting cable length, measure the length of the cable becoming soaked, or the distance between the two connectors, the device indicates the distance to the first and second cursor, and the distance between them;
  • Automatic storing of measurement parameters – when you turn off the device (or select Turn Off Timer Auto) measurement parameters are stored in non-volatile memory, so it is turned on again you will not have to re-install measurement parameters.

Excellent measurement performance


  •  A wide scale range  from 15 m to 128 km;
  • Small instrumental error of distance measuring – 0.01% … 0.2% of the current scale allows to localize defects  with an accuracy up to 3 cm;
  • Wide pulse widths from 10 ns to 50 μs allows to the operator to select the optimum ratio resolution of the device and overlapped decay – in short segments cable or cables with little attenuation is better to use short  pulses to provide the best resolution, on long cables or cables with high attenuation for maximum measurement distance, it is to use long pulse widths;
  • Noise Filters – Digital averaging 1 … 128 times can effectively suppress asynchronous noise;
  • Two parallel physical channels to effectively suppress synchronous noise:
    • if the test cable lines are parallel (for example, two-phase), the interference in each of them the same, so to suppress the noise in the wavefowm of the damaged line it is enough to subtract from it the waveform of parallel undamaged line;
    • identify differences of the lines in real time without the need to save waveform to the memory.

 Special modes of measurement and analysis


  • Simultaneous display of up to 5 waveforms –  device has ability to display waveforms from two physical inputs and three traces of non-volatile memory;
  • Mode “difference” (point-wise subtraction) designed to detect differences in the TDR test, can be applied both to trace the physical channels and for the traces of memory in any combination in real time;
  • Mode “crosstalk detect” is intended to identify locations entangling pairs  in couplings or twistings;
  • Mode “Capture” increases the effectiveness of the device to detect unstable defects  (“flickering” defects) – this mode, the device stores the on-screen waveform arbitrarily long period of time, so that short-term events are not missed;

Waveform storage and computer interface


  • A large amount of non-volatile memory to store the waveform library and table velocity factor;
    • the device can store non-volatile memory and 200 named and dated waveforms with high resolution (up to 8000 pixels on one waveform), which allows a detailed study of the measurement results and track their dynamics for a for a long period of time;
    • instrument is equipped with an expandable built-in table  of  the velocity factors for many cable types ;
  • USB-port for easy data exchange with PC
    • appliance is equipped with USB-port for read / write trace and table velocity factor to an external USB-drive;
  • Extendable the functionality of the firmware
    • easy and secure firmware update via USB-drive will allow you to – to expand the functionality of the device, and we respond quickly to your requests and suggestions to improve the device;

Ready for outdoor use

  • Rugged, sealed case (protection class IP67);
  • Dust and water tightt keyboard;
  • Wide temperature range -20oC … 40oC;
  • Powerful Li-Ion battery allows a long time without recharging – continuous operation time on battery power for at least 8 hours, and Auto Power Off function will not allow discharge device;
  • Speed charger can quickly charge the device for a few minutes, while providing sufficient time for the measurement;
  • Small dimensions 70x246x124 mm and weight is not more than 2.5 kg

Technical specifications

Display TFT (640х480) 5,7”
The range of distance measurement  (time delay) from  0  to 128000 m  (from 0 to 1280 μs)
Subranges measurements 0 – 15.625 m (0 – 0,15625 μs), 0 – 31.25 m (0 – 0,3125 μs), 0 – 62.5 m (0 – 0,625 μs), 0 – 125 m (0 – 1.25 μs), 0 – 250 m (0 – 2.5 μs), 0 – 500 m (0 to 5 μs); 0 – 1000 m (0 – 10 μs), 0 – 2000 m (0 – 20 μs), 0 – 4000 m (0 – 40 μs), 0 – 8000 m (0 – 80 μs), 0 – 16000 m (0 – 160 μs), 0 – 32000 m (0 – 320 μs), 0 – 64000 m (0 – 640 μs), 0 – 128000 m (0 – 1280 μs)
Instrumental error of the distance measurement from 0.01% to 0.2%  of reading
from 3,0 cm to 8 m depending on the subranges
Effective sampling rate 3200 MHz
Range of impedance matching from 25 Ω to 600 Ω
Pulse width from 10 ns to 50 μs
Pulse amplitude 10 V on the matched load
Sensitivity receiving tract 1 mV
VOP 33.33% … 99.99% (step 0.01%)
Continuous operating time on battery power at least 8 hours
Time of continuous operation through the power supply Unlimited
Overall dimensions 70х246х124 mm
Operating Temperature Range from -20 °С to +40 °С
Weight of device with battery not more than 2.5 kg

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