Arc Discharge Generator ADG-200-2 (HVPG)


Designed to finding high resistance faults using ARM, ICE methods in complex with TDR-107/TDR-109/ TDR RI-407, significantly enhances their ability to detect defects with high resistance , beyond the localization of low-voltage TDR method.

Provides the necessary conditions for the application of these modern methods of non-destructive testing on the power cables:

Optimal for work in field conditions:

  • Completely self-powered;
  • Small size: 520*320*300 mm – set free fits in the trunk of a car;
  • Light weight – 26 kg

Technical characteristics

Implemented methods ARM, ICE
The range of the output voltage 0…10 kV
Levels of the output voltage 4 kV, 10 kV
Charge modes
  • Direct charge of the cable (AUTO), for leakage current < 10 mA
  • Charge the built-in capacitor (MANUAL), for leakage current > 10 mA
Embedded storage capacitors 4 uF / 10kV
The maximum stored energy 200 J
Arc stabilization time 1 ms … 10 ms (depends on external conditions)
Maximum allowable pulse voltage on all low-voltage connectors, designed for connection to the TDR
  • on the TDR connector: 60 V;
  • on the WAVE connector: 120 V;
  • on the TRIG connector: 20 V
Power supply Autonomous – internal battery
The number of “shots” on a fully charged battery 100
Overall dimensions 520х320х300 mm
Weight with battery 26 kg

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