Cable Fault Locator TDR RI-303TM

Cable Fault Locator TDR RI-303T

The optimum solution for rapid troubleshooting of cable networks – extremely easy to operate, compact and cheap TDR tester.

Pulse portable TDR RI-303TM – a single-channel cable locator, designed to determine the nature and location of the irregularities and damage the cable line (open, short, sleeve, cable splice, parallel challenge, Pupin coil).

The small size and weight make the TDR RI-303TM is especially convenient for working in confined spaces cable wells, and the high precision characteristics allow to apply it both in the near and far zones.


Handheld tester TDR RI-303TM is designed for the following types of measurements on balanced and unbalanced cables:

  • Cable length measurement;
  • measuring distances to impedance discontinuities or damage;
  • measurement of the velocity factor of the line is known to its length;
  • determine the nature of damage;

Sphere of application

Compact TDR-303TM is used to control the laying and operation of the following types of cables:

  • signal and control cables;
  • power cables;
  • aerial cable lines;
  • computer networks ;
  • TV and radio cable lines;
  • to determine the length of the cable in its production, storage and trade.


  • display waveforms on the LCD screen with a resolution of 320×240 pixels;
  • measurement in real time;
  • maximum range – up to 4.8 km;
  • high range resolution: 12.5 cm over the entire range of measurement;
  • asynchronous interference suppression;
  • digital parameter setting controlled lines and all instrument settings;
  • possibility of a detailed review of any portion of the waveform;
  • digital display of distance to any portion of the trace;
  • digital display of the distance between any parts of the trace;
  • built-in protection device input voltage.

Technical characteristics

The range of distance (time delay)  from 0 m to 4800 m (0 μs to 4.8 μs)
Measurement distance accuracy 12.5 cm
Input impedance range  from 25 ohms to 500 ohms
Probe pulse width from 10 ns to 10 μs
Probe pulse amplitude 10 V on matched load
Sensitivity 1 mV
Dynamic range 80 dB
Velocity factor (VOP) setting range  33.3% … 99.9% (step 0.1%)
Continuous operating time of the battery (2700 mAh battery type AA) at least 10 hours
Dimensions 230x130x50 mm
Operating temperature range from -20 ° C to +40 ° C
Weight of the device with the battery  is not more than 0.5 kg

Scope of supply

Time Domain Reflectometr RI-303TM  1 pc.
Battery type AA 4 pcs
Connecting cable 1.5 m 1 pc.
Strap 1 pc.
User manual 1 pc.

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